Martial Arts requires discipline and dedication. These traits carry over to daily life.


Practicing and competing help develope mental focus. Participate often.


Win or lose always show sportsmanship. We are all members of the Jiu-Jitsu community.

Fun for the entire family!

Grapplefest 21 is just a few weeks away and excitement is mounting over the inaugural NoGi Elite and Brown&Black belt Gi divisions.
The Grapplefest pointing system has been in place since Grapplefest 2 back in '09. The following competitors have earned the 5000 points necessary to compete in the NoGi Elite division:

(Simply register to compete at weight in Gi or NoGi Advanced, and be automatically entered in the NoGi Elite)

Lionel Lanham - Jacksons
Henry Martinez - 10th Planet SF
Armando Sanchez - NMJJAShane Wilson - Team 4 Corners
Eric Buck - 505 Fighter
Jerome Martinez - Gracie Barra NM
Michael Ames - Gracie Barra NM
Tuuau Pleasant - Lovato’s Total Fitness
David Binder - Gracie Barra NM
Josh Lanier - Lovato's Total Fitness
Danny Nolasco - El Paso JJ
Jess Martinez - Gracie Barra SF
Carlos Duarte - Team 4 Corners
Matt Gurule - Lovato's Total Fitness
Jonathon Parker - Relson Gracie EP
Stephan Sampson - Gracie Barra Las Cruces
Jesse Tafoya - Wink's Gym
Jonathon Aranda - Invictus
Mike Chupa - Hayashi’s Dojo
Estevan Martinez - Clube De Jiu-Jitsu Pitbull
Roberto Nava - Gracie Barra NM
Mike Nelson - Brooks Mountain Den
Chase Tagart - Gracie Barra NM
Jesus Urbina - 10th Planet EP
Cody Fragua - Jacksons

Placers 1st-4th will earn some Cash! along with prizes and gift coupons from our sponsors: Damage Control, Fight Shop NM, Unleashed Nutrition, Defense Soap, Legitsu, Straight Chiropractic, and Victory Athletics.











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Why CSC?

Combat Sports Club’s core purpose is to facilitate the safe development of its athletes and to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship through fair competition.

We acknowledge the individual accomplishments of competitors in Southwest Grappling League tournaments with the following point system.


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