Martial Arts requires discipline and dedication. These traits carry over to daily life.


Practicing and competing help develope mental focus. Participate often.


Win or lose always show sportsmanship. We are all members of the Jiu-Jitsu community.

Fun for the entire family!

Grapplefest is proud to have partnered with the same core sponsors since it's inception in 2008. Our sponsors provide the gifts - their wares or services - as part of the gift bags given to the placers of the Elite division. Please take a minute to check out the Sponsor section, click the logos to visit their sites.

Let's have a look. You must have heard of DAMAGE CONTROL Mouthguards. They protect some of the biggest names in the sport; Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, and Holly Holm, to mention a few. Great news is you don't have to be a big name to reduce the risk of concussion or losing one of your pearly whites.

FIGHT SHOP New Mexico is the preeminent purveyor of all things combat sports. Every city needs that special store, and ours has the pulse of the greatest fight city running through it. Go visit Sal.

It takes more than just consuming supplements, you need the know how. Corey Cipta has been serving up both at UNLEASHED NUTRITION, Top supplements, and first rate advice.

The growth of grappling sports is staggering. Unfortunately! so is the risk of infection. Any soap can get you clean, DEFENSE SOAP helps you ward of ring-worm, MRSA, staph, and so much more. Don't just be clean, be protected!

I personally can testify to the chiropractic miracles Dr. Brad Frackell performs daily at STRAIGHT CHIROPRACTIC. Dr Brad's treatments go way beyond pain relief, he optimizes peak performance through your entire nervous system by eliminating destructive pressure on your nerves.

VICTORY ATHLETICS doesn't just make the best damn apparel, they make our apparel! Those ref shirts, yep, it's them. And their cool enough to run a few dozen for sale, check out their booth.

You know when you hit that point in your game, when you become somethin' to reckon with! That's the point you wear LEGITSU!

Proud Sponsors


Why CSC?

Combat Sports Club’s core purpose is to facilitate the safe development of its athletes and to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship through fair competition.

We acknowledge the individual accomplishments of competitors in Southwest Grappling League tournaments with the following point system.


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Multiple Sclerosis Community

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