The Combat Sports Club started tallying points for Men NoGi grapplers at Grapplefest 3 back in '08. We use our completely merit based point system to qualify athletes into the Elite division. The first athlete to achieve the 5000 points was Lionel Lanham at Grapplefest 4 in '09. The most recent inductees were Kar King of NMBJJA and Clemente Narvaiz of Invictus at Grapplefest 28. There are currently 44 qualified NoGi Elite competitors, representing 27 gyms from 4 states and Mexico.

The point system is designed to reward athletes for sticking at it, and improving their skill. Many of the athletes who are nearing the 5000 points started their climb years ago, earning small points in the beginner division, before moving up to Intermediate and eventually advanced. This is how the system is intended to work: rewarding competitors for their dedication to martial arts. Currently, more than three dozen competitors have more than 2500 points and are potentially one placing away from qualifying.

In the Elite division all submissions are legal, matches are 7 minutes, and the brackets are still double elimination. All Placers win medals, but also compete for cash, and gift bags filled with swag from our sponsors. The Elite division is showcased at every Grapplefest and rivals the skill level of any Professional BJJ show. Whether you're a jitz practitioner or just a fan, you'll want to see the Elite division for yourself at Grapplefest 29, October 6th.


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Why CSC?

Combat Sports Club’s core purpose is to facilitate the safe development of its athletes and to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship through fair competition.

We acknowledge the individual accomplishments of competitors in Southwest Grappling League tournaments with the following point system.


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