Both Gi and No-Gi follow International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation scoring.

Competitor Registration:
Early-bird online registration rates - $60 for Gi or NoGi $80 for Gi and NoGi - runs until 11:59pm on the fourth Wednesday before tournament date. Regular online registration - $70/$95 runs until 11:59pm of the Wednesday before tournament date. Late registration - $80/$110 is available at the Friday weigh-ins only, cash only. NO registration on tournament day. No refunds. 

Spectator Tickets:
Spectator tickets are $15 in advance or at the door - cash only at the door - kids 6 and under free. There is no ATM at the venue.

Coaching bands are issued to gym owners and staff instructors who are listed as the coach for 5 or more competitors. One coaching band for every 5 competitors. You must contact organizer in advance to have your credentials confirmed and have your name included on the official coaches list. No more than two coaches at a time can corner a match, or your competitor may be DQ'd

Prohibited Techniques:
For all divisions: No slamming or spiking from guard, takedown or to avoid submission, no small joint manipulation, biting, fish hooking, gouging, hair pulling, fingers to throat, grabbing clothes (nogi), bicep or calf compressions, neck cranks, and strikes of any kind.

  • Kid, Youth, Junior, Teen: No guiolltines, heel hooks, toe holds, wrist locks, foot locks or knee bars.
  • Adult Beginner Nogi and White Belt, Master and Women Beginner: No heel hooks, toe holds, wrist locks, foot locks or knee bars.
  • Adult Intermediate NoGi, Blue & Purple Belt, Master and Women Advanced: No heel hooks, toe holds, knee bars or wrist locks.
  • Men NoGi Advanced, Brown and Black belt: No heel hooks or toe holds. Bicep and Calf slicers, and wristlocks are allowed.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated. Please respect the officials, volunteers and the building at all times.

Weigh Ins:
You must declare your weight division when registering; you're bracketing will be confirmed after you've weighed-in. Competitors must weigh in the night before between 5-8pm or the morning of between 8-9am at the venue. You do not need to weigh-in with a Gi. If you wait to weigh-in on Saturday and don't make weight you'll be scratched. Divisions and weight classes may be added or combined based on turnout.

Medals will be given for 1st – 4th place shortly after each division finishes. All placers must be at the podium to receive their award and have a picture taken. 1st place winner must move up a skill level at the next tournament.

Kid (6-8): 50, 60, 75, over 75 
Youth (9-11): 65, 75, 90, 105, over 105 
Junior (12-14): 90, 105, 125, over 125

Teen (15-17): 125, 140, 160, over 160
Women: under 125, 145, over 145.
Master (36 & above): under 185, over 185
Men: 140, 155, 170, 190, 215, over 215.

Event Schedule:

The following times are estimates, the divisions will not start sooner then the posted times, but expect a short wait before your matches start.

10:00 Kid, Youth, Junior, Teen Gi
11:00 Kid, Youth, Junior, Teen NoGi
12:00 Women, Masters, Brown/Black belt, Purple belt Gi
12:30 Blue belt and White belt Gi
1:00 Men Advanced NoGi, Women and Master NoGi
2:00 Men Intermediate and Beginner NoGi

Time Limits:
Kid/Youth/Junior: 3 minutes
Teen/ Men White Belt/Men NoGi Beginner/Women Beginner/Master Beginner: 4 minutes
Men Blue Belt/Men NoGi Intermediate/Women Advanced/Master advanced: 5 minutes
Men Purple Belt/Men NoGi Advanced: 6 minutes
Men Brown/Black Belt 7 minutes

All spectators must remain in the stands at all times or your competitor may be disqualified.

No more than two coaches in the corner or your competitor may be disqualified.


Tournament Release and Waiver:
I hereby waive all claims against all persons associated with the participating schools and competitors. I understand and will abide by the tournament rules. I assume full responsibility for my actions during the tournament. I understand the risks of competing in this tournament and hereby release Combat Sports Club LLC (CSC) and the event known as The Southwest Grapplefest, and all its employees, officials, volunteers, sponsors, hosted venue and David, Ana and Daniel Friedlander from any type of injury, loss or death sustained while preparing for or competing in this competition. I also state that I am in good physical condition to compete in this tournament and have current adequate health insurance. I hereby authorize any licensed medical personnel to perform necessary medical treatment on me and agree to bare the expense of such treatment. I understand that divisions and weight classes are subject to change and that CSC does not offer refunds. I agree that my participation at the tournament may be filmed or photographed for use by schools, spectators and CSC and waive any compensation thereof.

Raising Champion Human Beings Not Champion Athletes - Thoughtful Advice for Parents. It's commonly believed that sports can be a metaphor for life: that the lessons learned apply to daily life. With that in mind we parents should seek out the teaching moments that sports provide. As in life, things rarely go perfectly in sports. Rather than sweat the details and over analyze the outcome - which only serves to stress out our little competitors - it's best if we don't keep score, and approvingly support their efforts and the mere courage to participate. Upsets and bad calls are a part of all sports from Pee Wees to the pros. Don't lose your composure, you're sportsmanship sets an example for others.



















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Combat Sports Club’s core purpose is to facilitate the safe development of its athletes and to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship through fair competition.

We acknowledge the individual accomplishments of competitors in Southwest Grappling League tournaments with the following point system.


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